LREI Viewbook

Booklet to be handed out to parents at LREI's 2018 back-to-school event. Associated video on LREI site here:

Handled all aspects of design, including image selection, paper stock selection, going to press, folding style, and created video animation. Worked closely with client to figure out general theme and text to use.

Appetite Application

Front-end design of a ‘data-eating’ application. Designed wordmark, logo, and created promo video in AfterEffects / Illustrator.

DOL Reporting Solution

Dynamic reporting solution coded in APL and designed in Exstream in a preemptive reaction to the 2016 Fiduciary Act. The goal was to make financial advisor fees and account types easily accessible for clients.

Below are some screenshots of Exstream’s UI, sample APL code, and some sample pages. The pages for our dynamically generated financial reports would be designed in Exstream and populated using APL code.

Hewitt Oscar Party Site

Digital archive of 15 years’ worth of family photographs and videos: